Top Notion CRM Templates for 2024

Top Notion CRM Templates

Are you searching for a powerful CRM solution to manage your business more efficiently? Notion templates offer a versatile and user-friendly way to streamline your operations, track client interactions, and enhance productivity.

In this blog, we’ve curated a list of the top Notion CRM templates available in 2024. Each template is designed to cater to different business needs, from real estate to personal training.

Read on to find the perfect CRM template for your business!

Twitter CRM + CMS Notion Template

Twitter CRM + CMS Notion Template

The Twitter CRM + CMS Notion Template is an all-in-one solution for managing relationships, selling products, and crafting tweets. It offers aggregated data, powerful sorting, and tools for creating pixel-perfect tweets.

The template also includes automatic reminders and efficient management of canned responses, making it a comprehensive tool for social media managers and businesses.

Explore the Twitter CRM + CMS Notion Template here

Real Estate CRM (Ready-To-Use)

SG Real Estate CRM (Ready-To-Use)

The SG Real Estate CRM Notion template is tailored for real estate professionals. It offers sections for:

  • Property overviews
  • Client follow-ups
  • Contact management

This template is easy to use and highly functional, making it an excellent choice for busy real estate agents. Organize your work logically and track project objectives, set milestones, and keep track of all your contacts and clients with ease.

Get the SG Real Estate CRM Notion Template

CRM Tracker Notion Template

CRM Tracker Notion Template

This CRM Tracker Notion template is designed to help you connect with, nurture, and book clients effortlessly. It includes:

  • Contact Rolodex to store all of your contact and client details
  • Client Outreach step-by-step plan to track each touchpoint
  • Client Session scheduling and planning
  • Invoice and payment tracking
  • Resources area to store offers, packages, swipe copy, and files

Ideal for personal use, this template keeps all your client details and interactions organized in one place.

The detailed tutorial video makes it easy to get started and maximize the benefits of this CRM template.

Discover the CRM Tracker Notion Template

SwiftCRM: Turbocharged Growth Solution for Startups

SwiftCRM: Turbocharged Growth Solution for Startups

SwiftCRM is a powerhouse CRM solution for B2B startups. It features a streamlined design and focused functionalities that help you manage customer relationships, track sales activities, and nurture leads.

Perfect for startups looking to boost their growth efficiently.

Explore the SwiftCRM for Startups here.

Notion Minimal CRM for Real Estate Agency

Best Notion Minimal CRM for REAL ESTATE AGENCY

This minimal CRM template is designed for real estate agencies, offering tools to manage clients, sellers, properties, and services. It includes a beautiful pipeline for lead management and integrated task sections, making it an efficient tool for real estate professionals.

Check out the Minimal CRM for Real Estate Agencies

Notion CRM: Advanced Contact & Interaction Management

Notion CRM: Advanced Contact & Interaction Management

Optimize your contact management with this advanced Notion CRM template. It features:

  • Comprehensive contacts database
  • Interaction history
  • Task management
  • Document storage
  • Reminders for significant holidays and birthdays

This system ensures you stay connected with your contacts more efficiently and effectively, enhancing the quality and authenticity of your interactions.

Learn more about the Advanced Contact & Interaction Management CRM

Interactive Personal Trainer CRM


Designed for sports coaches, this CRM template provides a comprehensive coaching space to manage clients, sessions, and administrative tasks. It’s customizable and includes documents and templates for each coaching session, making it a central hub for managing your coaching business.

Explore the Interactive Personal Trainer CRM

Business CRM in Notion

Business CRM in Notion

The Business CRM in Notion is perfect for entrepreneurs and freelancers. It helps manage leads, proposals, and contacts efficiently. The template includes a section for sending quotes from Notion, making it a powerful tool for improving customer relationships and sales effectiveness.

Get the Business CRM in Notion

The Notion Sales/Real Estate CRM

The Notion Sales/Real Estate CRM

This template is designed for realtors and sales professionals. It offers precise organization to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. The CRM can be easily adapted to meet personal preferences, making it an excellent primary or secondary CRM solution.

Discover The Notion Sales/Real Estate CRM

Notion CRM System

Notion CRM System

The Notion CRM System offers a complete solution to monitor your sales pipeline, manage contacts, and schedule meetings. It features:

  • Sales pipeline visualization
  • Notes system & database
  • Contact management
  • Company management
  • Meeting management

With light and dark mode compatibility, this template is a versatile and powerful CRM tool.

Explore the Notion CRM System

CRM Elite / CRM Starter - Notion Template

CRM Elite / CRM Starter - Notion Template

This all-in-one CRM template is designed to supercharge your business. It features:

  • Sales pipeline visualization
  • Comprehensive activity log
  • Contact and task management
  • Payment tracking
  • Forecast board and reports

Ideal for small to medium businesses, this template helps streamline customer relationship management effectively.

Check out the CRM Elite / CRM Starter Template

The Notion CRM Tracker Creator

The Notion CRM Tracker Creator

Embark on a transformative journey with The Notion CRM Tracker Creator. This comprehensive template helps you master the art of CRM with practical insights and innovative tools. Perfect for anyone looking to streamline their customer relationship management process.

Explore The Notion CRM Tracker Creator

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